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                                                                               HYBRID GO-KART CHALLENGE 2016




   A Hybrid vehicle is defined as a vehicle using a propulsion system which comprises both a 4-stroke Internal
   Combustion Engine (ICE) and electrical storage (accumulator) with electric motor drive.
   A hybrid drive system may deploy the ICE and electric motor(s) in any configuration, including series
   and/or parallel.


   These are standing regulation of Hybrid Go-kart challenge 2016 (a student Hybrid Go-Kart challenge
   organized by Republic Motorsports). The Objective of these regulations is to ensure safety of all
   participants including spectators, Officials and Competitors, and to make this sport competitive and fair for
   all who take part.

   The Hybrid Go-kart Challenge 2016 rules are the responsibility of the Hybrid Go-kart challenge 2016
   Committee and are issued under the authority of the Republic Motorsports and Republic Motors.

   Hybrid Go-kart Challenge 2016 Committee will be responsible to resolve all kind of ambiguities or
   questions concerning the meaning or intent of these rules and all official announcements will be made
   referring to these rules.

   Hybrid Go-kart Challenge 2016 Committee have full authority reserve the right to revise the schedule of
   any Challenge and/or interpret or modify the competition rules at any time and in any manner that is, in
   their sole judgment, required for the efficient operation of the event.

   Team Responsibility
   Team here is referred to as all the 20 members including faculty advisor. The team need to read all the rules
   & regulations before participating and team need to follow all the instructions and updates issued by Hybrid
   Go-kart Challenge 2016.

   Right to Impound
   Organizing Committee and other authorities involved in the organizing of the challenge can impound the
   vehicle for examination & Inspection at any time of event even if the team has cleared the technical

   Vehicle Eligibility
   Vehicle should be manufactured by team only. In case of ambiguity to any judge or official regarding
   manufacturing of vehicle by the team. The team may be asked to present proper proofs like photographs &
   videos etc. In this case judge can ask any member team to perform any manufacturing operation.

   Restriction of Vehicle Use
   The vehicle manufactured by any team in compliance with Hybrid Go-kart Challenge 2016 rules is advised
   to only be used at official Hybrid Go-kart Challenge 2016.
   Hybrid Go-kart Challenge 2016 Committee understand the effort students put to manufacture and bring the

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