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                                                                               HYBRID GO-KART CHALLENGE 2016

   Republic Motorsports is a platform for series of competitions for both students as well as professionals.
   With an ambition to change the face of motorsports industry in India and bring out cutting edge technology
   in Automobile Industry, we are dedicated to encourage students to develop their practical engineering
   experience and this hybrid go-kart event is launched to drive student to work in direction of green
   Ownership and Intellectual property rights
   Republic Motorsports and all the events under its banner are trademark of Republic Motors (India), use of
   trademarks without permission, wrong representations and misuse by any organization or person will invite
   legal action against them.
   This technical bulletin is prepared by taking reference of Formula Hybrid Competition, FIA Karting Rules
   and IGC Rule Book 2015-16. We respect their intellectual property rights and does not claim over their
   Republic Motors is an electric vehicle manufacturing company our products has been seen across Asia and
   Middle East, we are growing continuously through learning, our aim is to provide pollution free mobility
   medium to human being. We believe in collaborative growth strategies so we believe that development of
   sustainable and pollution free technology can only be developed when all technology giants will work
   together to make earth pollution free.
   Other than this Republic Motors manufacture ATV, Go-kart and special purpose parts for racing utilities.
   Republic Motors launched its motorsport initiative Republic Motorsports with a vision to change the face
   of motorsports industry in India and bring out cutting edge technology in automobile Industry
   The purpose of organizing student racing challenge is to encourage practical approach of engineering and
   build an environment of team work while studying these approaches will enhance their technical and
   cognitive skill of upcoming engineers and make them ready for industry.

   The Hybrid Go-kart challenge by Republic Motorsports is a competition with a vision to make India Hybrid
   Technology Capital of World this can only happen when our young engineers will start researching on it
   so to encourage student we designed this competition in which students will design and manufacture a go-
   kart with Hybrid Technology.
   Teams typically spend months designing, building, testing and preparing their vehicles before a
   competition. The competition provide teams a chance to demonstrate and prove both their creativity and
   their engineering skills at a platform where team from around the world will compete.

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